A photo of Elin standing in front of steps that lead up to a pretty stone building. She is wearing a black faux leather skirt, a grey cable knit jumper and a burgundy double breasted longline coat. Her hands are in her pockets and she is smiling at the camera

“Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”



Hello! I’m Elin, a 23-year-old Welsh girl who you’ll most likely find writing, listening to music or curled up with a good book. I created My Blurred World in April 2015 in the hope of building the very platform that I could have benefited from stumbling upon when I was younger. 

Here you’ll find a selection of features that share my personal experiences of growing up with a degenerative eye condition, accompanied by a few accounts of navigating life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, the occasional diary entry along with some tips and advice I have to offer. 

I channel my limited supply of energy into writing positive, yet honest, features on living with sight loss in the hope that my writing can help others in a similar situation.

A black felt letter board with the words Dear Younger Self in white on it rests beside a primrose on some rocks in front of a river that is flanked by trees and plants

March 21, 2021

If there’s one piece of advice or some comforting words you could tell your younger self when it comes to dealing with your impairment/health condition, what would it be? This is the question I posed to[…]



Work with me

I’m honoured to be a regular writer for Able Magazine and VICTA UK’s Parent Portal, in addition to having been featured on BBC and ITV Wales News, Huffington Post, Allure Magazine and RNIB Connect Radio.

A photo of a macbook keyboard with beauty products around it and my phone which has a pink case and my name on it

I can’t change my impairment, but I can change how I react to it.