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  • Closet and jewelry organization tips!

    Hello everyone!

    Today I have for you a closet/wardrobe and jewelry organization tips. This was requested by one of my followers and I loved th idea so I decided to write it for you today.

    These tips are suitable for visually impaired people, as I am visually impaired I have certain ways I like to organize my clothes and Jewelry (so It’s easier to pick out an  outfit)  and I thought I’d share those tips with you today.

    But these tips might be of use to those fully sighted people out there also.

    So I hope this helps some of you, and lets begin!


    TIP 1 : if you have low vision I would recommend that you make sure that you have enough light coming in to your wardrobe so it’s easier for you to see what items you are looking for.

    You could make sure that natural lighting is facing your closet or you could keep a light source such as a torch in your wardrobe or somewhere in your room so you can shine the light on the items in your closet when you are trying to pick our an outfit.

    I personally have my wardrobe facing the window and my bedroom light is right behind me when I’m looking at my clothes so there is plenty of light. But as I’m severely sight impaired the lighting doesn’t always help, therefore I have some other tips to share with you also.

    TIP 2 :  The second tip I have for you today is keeping certain items of clothing in categories. I personally categorize my clothing like this :

    1. T-shirts/sleeveless tops

    2. Dresses and playsuits

    3. Long sleeve lightweight tops

    4. Warmer/winter appropriate jumpers

    5. Hoodies

    I have them in that order in my wardrobe. I then have a separate drawer where I keep skirts, shorts, trousers and jeans so I know where they are.

    TIP 3 : If you don’t want to categorize your clothes then you could think of pairing outfits and place them on the same hanger so when you think of a certain outfit you want to wear it’s all on one hanger ready to go, this means that you don’t have to rummage through your wardrobe looking for a certain piece of clothing.

    So those are all my wardrobe tips. I hope they helped in some way!


    Moving on to jewelry. If you haven’t already then I would recommend investing in a jewelry box. This comes in very handy when you’re looking for a certain piece of jewelry to wear. I think that investing in a jewelry box wich has different compartments in it would be very helpful because you could then store your bracelets in one area, earings in the other etc.

    I personally have two separate jewelry boxes.

    In the box in the photo above I keep all of my bracelets. Now I am a bracelet addict, therefore They all need a box for themselves! There are two compartments to this box which is very useful.

     There are three separate compartments in the top section of the box. If you can find a box like this I would definitely recommend purchasing it because then you can seperate your jewelry into compartments of your choice, therefore they would be easier to find.

    Then there are two separate compartments in the lower section of the box, again this is very useful to seperate your jewelry so the items are easier to find.

    I then have a box for my rings. (As shown in the photo above). My rings are quite personal so I didn’t want to display them in the photo but a box like this is very useful to keep all your rings in one place.

    As for necklaces, I actually don’t have that many, the ones I do have are from brands such as Clogau so I tend to keep them in their original boxes and put a braille label on them so I know which is which.

    That’s it for today, I hope these tips helped some of you! Let me know if you have any organization tips in the comments. I hope you all have a lovely week.




    1. June 18, 2015 / 5:03 pm

      It’s so important to categorize your clothes (t-shirts vs sweaters vs long clothes etc) when doing Having known places for where everything has to go really goes a long way towards allocating space and getting the most out of your closet, and of course this is even more crucial for those who are visually impaired. Great guidelines.

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