• 9 song lyrics that I find inspiring
  • 9 song lyrics that I find inspiring

    There is no better feeling to me than discovering a song that has some kind of inspirational lyric within it, a song that I can relate to and feel inspired by. I’ve always been quite a musical person, I’ve learned to play quite a few instruments and I loved taking part in local singing competitions when I was younger. I might not sing publicly anymore but I still sing along to my favourite tunes when I’m alone in my room.

    Music has a different meaning to all of us, we all have different tastes, favourite artists and a specific song that we’ll always love but one thing that we all have in common when it comes to music is the fact that it leaves an imprint on us, it affects us and inspires us in different ways even if we don’t realise it.

    9 song lyrics that I find inspiring: A photo of Elin sitting on a bench

    I’ve only ever dedicated a couple of posts to music and both were over a year ago so this is something different for me but I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite lyrics as I think they’re worth mentioning. All the lyrics I’m about to mention have some kind of meaning to me and I hope to reflect on those meanings in today’s post. You might also like them or they might have some kind of meaning to you to or maybe none at all, you might not like anything about the lyrics but that’s the amazing thing about words, we can all interpret them in our own way, figure out what they mean to us and maybe even have a completely different interpretation to a word to someone else’s meaning for it but that’s the beauty of it all.

    Music is such a powerful thing and influences our lives in so many ways and that’s why I think these lyrics are worth sharing with you.

    Sometimes it all gets a little too much but you gotta realise that soon the fog will clear up – Shawn Mendes

    Call me a typical teenage girl but one of my favourite artists is Shawn Mendes, I absolutely love his music and I was lucky enough to go see him live in concert earlier this year, you can read about my experience here. One of my favourite songs by Shawn is A little too much which is what this lyric is taken from. To me, it’s a reminder that things get hard sometimes but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way. There is light at the end of the tunnel as cheesy as that may sound but as Shawn said during his concert in April ‘cheesy is true’. I’ve gone through quite a lot of hard times during my life and still do so this particular lyric just reminds me that things will get better.

    Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing – Jessie J

    This is just one out of a countless amount of inspirational lyrics and messages that Jessie has within her songs. This is one that always touches me personally as a blind/VI person. It’s a reminder that sometimes seeing isn’t necessarily a good thing as it causes people to judge others by their appearance and misjudge people because of it. This is something I’ve never been able to do because my vision isn’t good enough but in my eyes that can be a good thing as it prevents me from judging people or objects in this world by sight. In terms of the second part of the lyric, I find it encouraging, reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of achieving something as it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dreaming doesn’t mean that you have high expectations or that something can’t be reached, it just means that someone has the confidence in themselves to believe that they can achieve anything.

    There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark, you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are – Alessia Cara

    I can’t say that I listen to many of Alessia Cara’s songs but Scars to your beautiful is definitely in my list of all time favourite songs. This lyric inspires me because it’s a reminder that there is still hope no matter what you’re going through. This song is all about giving girls confidence and letting us know that we’re beautiful in our own way. I’ve always been a self-conscious person so hearing lyrics like this give me a little confidence which I definitely need from time to time.

    We’re a little different there’s no need to be ashamed – Emile Sande

    Read all about it by Emile Sande is another one of my favourite songs. Referring to my vision impairment again, a lot of people see us blind/VI people different to others, that living with a vision impairment separates us from the rest of society in a way and this can be discriminating and hurtful at times as it’s not nice to be made to feel different because of something that can’t be changed. This lyric has a lot of meaning to me because it supports the message that I try to put across here on my blog and social channels. Living with a disability or anything else that people might see as making you different is nothing to be ashamed of and no one should let it define them.

    You’ve gotta get up and try – Pink

    Finding the motivation to try your hand at something isn’t always the easiest of things to do and maybe it’s easier not to try at all at times but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Unless we try to achieve things then we’ll never get anywhere. I know it’s hard sometimes but it’s worth finding that motivation and giving things a go.

    Just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’m lost, doesn’t mean I’ll stop – Coldplay

    We all face our own battles in life, those of which are hard to face sometimes and we might feel like we’re losing or aren’t dealing with it as best we can and I bet almost every single one of you reading this have felt like giving up on something at some point, right? Well I find this lyric by Coldplay to be inspiring because I’m one of those people who’s felt like their losing a battle at some point, I’ve let things such as my vision impairment get too much and I’ve felt like I can’t deal with it but I soon realised that it’s something I have to accept and the fact that I feel like I’m losing the battle to stay positive sometimes doesn’t mean that I’ll stop trying to maintain that positive attitude. I try to always maintain a positive outlook on life and I’ll never stop to achieve what I want to achieve.

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    So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself – Ed Sheeran

    I think it’s amazing when people put others first, I’d like to think that I’m one of those people. But one thing I think that it’s important for us all to remember is that we should put ourselves first every once in a while. That doesn’t mean you’re selfish or that you don’t care for others, it just means that you’re concentrating on yourself and making sure you’re ok before neglecting that.

    I’m gonna smile because I deserve to – Leona Lewis

    A smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day in my opinion. I always feel better when I smile and I truly believe that everyone deserves to smile. You might not believe that you have a reason to and that you don’t deserve to because of something that is going on in your life but I’m here to tell you that you deserve to smile no matter what you’re going through, I feel like ┬ásmiling/laughing can be the best medicine at times.

    Today is never too late to be brand new – Taylor Swift

    We all have bad days, it’s just a part of life and there’s nothing wrong with that. This lyric in the song Innocent by Taylor is one that keeps me believing that even though I might be having a bad day one day, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. It’s never too late in the day to find a positive, to find or do something that’ll make you happy and to start over.

    What lyrics do you find inspirational? I’d love to hear how lyrics influence you and what music means to you. I always love to discover new music and artists so I would love to hear from you.

    Elin x



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      I love this post, such a fab idea! Some of my fave lyrics too! Xxx

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