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Music has always been something that I’ve loved, there isn’t a day that goes by without me listening to it. I attended my first ever concert last year, you might remember me writing about my experience. I loved writing that post so I thought I’d write another one after attending my second live show.

As you can tell by the title of this post, I went to see The Script. My brother and I attended their #FreedomChildTour at Manchester Arena last night, February 3rd. I could sum up the concert in one word, incredible, but where’s the fun in just one word when I have the opportunity to share a summary of the whole night with you?

My blog is somewhere I love to talk about my experiences, I love to share them with you as my readers but it’s also such a great place for me to write about the things I experience and be able to look back on them in the future. So I couldn’t let the opportunity to write this post slip through my fingers.

A photo of The Script concert ticket and one of their songs playing on my phonePIN IT

When I heard that The Script were performing in Manchester, I knew that I wanted/had to go. My brother and I had been obsessed with the songs on their latest album, Freedom Child, for quite a while before the tickets went on sale. So I decided to buy the tickets as a birthday present for my brother (but as a little treat to myself aswell). How could I not?

I had booked everything in advance, train tickets and passenger assistance. I don’t want to go into much detail about this because I want to focus on the concert but if you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while or if you follow me on social media, you might remember that I haven’t had the best experiences with passenger assistance on trains, they haven’t turned up in the past but I wanted to give it another go this time around.

To my surprise, it went so well. I was guided on to the train at my origin station, someone was there to meet me at Newton-le-Willows which is where we changed trains and someone was there to meet me at Victoria too. It actually made me so happy that the journey and the assistance all went to plan. Before you judge me, i know that might make me sound a little sad but for me as a blind/VI person, it’s so important to me that the services I’m entitled to work as they should. One of  my main goals for the future is to gain more independence and be able to go on trains without having to worry if the assistance is going to turn up or not. It’s such a relief when it all works!

We made our way up to the arena after having something to eat and were stood in a queue for quite a while as there were enhanced security checks as expected. After queueing for about 45 minutes and finally going through security, we were told that  we didn’t have to queue as I have a disability, something that we didn’t know beforehand. At least we’ll know for next time.

We made it to our seats which were in block 109 which is opposite the stage, we had quite a good view which we were happy about, although I couldn’t see much of course. After about 45 minutes, Ella Eyre (the support act) came on stage and performed her set. I loved listening to her songs, she has such an amazing and unique voice. She was so energetic which was great as she got the crowds spirits really high, ready for when The Script came on. It was definitely a good move by them to choose Ella as their support act. I’ll definitely be listening to more of her music after hearing her on Saturday, I think she’ll be one to watch out for on the music scene this year.

After Ella finished her set, we waited about half an hour before The Script came on stage. During that time a banner/curtain came down, covering the B Stage (which we didn’t know was a stage before so it was quite a surprise). When the banner/curtain was raised to reveal the band, the entire arena went absolutely crazy as I’m sure you can imagine.

We recorded videos and audio clips of the concert as I knew I wanted to include them in this blog post but they’re perfect to look back on aswell. I may or may not have watched/listened to them about ten times already, I am just slightly obsessed.

Here are just a few of the video clips that we recorded. Just a heads up, this video does contain a lot of flashing lights as I’m sure you would expect.

I had an idea of what the setlist was going to be as I had seen a few people mention it on Twitter after the first show in Leeds on Friday. Although only about four or five songs were performed from their latest album, the selection of songs they chose to perform were incredible. I was very happy about the fact that most of my favourites were included.

I decided to share the audio clips I recorded with you aswell because every song was just so incredible and I couldn’t not share them with you. It was so hard to cut the clips down!

There were a lot of special moments during the concert, one of my favourites was when they went into the crowd and performed acoustic versions of ‘If you ever come back’ and ‘Never seen anything (quite like you)’. Danny has such an incredible voice so it was amazing to hear it in a stripped back version of these songs.

I was in awe of every performance as I think most of the audience were aswell. There was so much emotion in so many of their songs and the way they performed them was just incredible, I know, how many more times can I say incredible in this post?

I don’t think I could choose one song in particular that was my favourite because they were all so good. Some of my favourites had to be The Man who can’t be moved (the acoustic beginning to that performance was just pure goals), For the first time, if you could see me now, Paint the town green and Breakeven. Basically, just every song in the setlist.

The last performance of the night was the very famous Hall of fame. Before Danny started singing, he gave quite an emotional but yet motivational speech and introduced Manchester’s Parrs Wood choir who performed in the One love Manchester concert last year. It was such an empowering and heartfelt performance which I definitely felt touched by.

This was such an incredible experience, a night that I’ll never forget. It definitely set the bar high for the other concerts that I have coming up this year, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift definitely have their work cut out for when we see them in May and June!

I was sad that it was over but left the arena on such a high, I’m so grateful to have been able to have that experience. Going with my brother was also so lovely, it was his first ever concert, one that he also really enjoyed.

If you’re a fan of The Script or even if you’re only familiar with a few of their songs, I’d definitely recommend going to see them live. They give such amazing performances and they have such a great energy about them. Everyone who is going to see the rest of the shows in the #FreedomChildTour are in for a real treat. I’d go to another one of their concerts in a heartbeat.

I appreciate music so much and there’s something really special about being in the same room as thousands of other people who do aswell. The atmosphere is completely indescribable.

Have you ever been to a concert? If so, which was the last one you went to or have you got any planned? Also, what is your favourite song by The Script? I’d love to hear from you.

Elin x



  • Holly
    February 7, 2018

    I loved this post, I love reading blog posts about concerts so this is definitely a favourite of mine! I think I may just watch the clips over and over again… I’m so glad that you had a fab time, you both deserve it! xxx

      February 7, 2018

      Same here, I love reading them! I’m going to aswell, just slightly obsessed 🎶 Thank you so much lovely xxx

  • Ava Roy
    June 5, 2018

    It’s been over ten years since The Script hit the charts, but as the Irish three-piece took to the Liverpool ECHO arena stage on Monday night, they proved they’ve not lost their touch after a decade in show business. Thanks for sharing great information with us.

      Ava Roy
      June 5, 2018

      They definitely haven’t, I think they’re even more talented now. Thank you for reading.

  • Shay
    March 23, 2019

    I’m going to see them this Monday at Halifax and can’t wait!! Just wondered how long did the concert last?

      March 23, 2019

      That’ll be amazing, hope you have the best time! I think they were on stage from about 8:45 until 10:30. I think artists are normally on for about an hour and a half 🙂

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