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  • These are a few of my favourite things

    Hello everyone and welcome back to My Blurred World.

    I hope you’re all doing well.

    I thought I’d write a favourites post today as I haven’t done one in a while. I thought I’d do a ‘these are a few of my favourite things’ post and do one every few months rather than a favourites post monthly as I do find that they can ge t a bit boring but that’s just my opinion.

    I’ve decided to include something from every category in this post so we have more of a variety so I hope you all enjoy.


    Let’s start with beauty shall we?


    The first favourite of mine has been the L’oreal infallible 24hr matte foundation. This is a really good foundation and I’ve been using it everyday I’ve been wearing make-up. It provides a decent amount of coverage and makes my skin look a little more perfected than it actually is.


    I’ve had a favourite concealer recently too, the one I’m talking about is the Too Faced born this way concealer. I apply this before my foundation which I know some people find odd but it’s the way I prefer applying it. I think this works really well with the L’oreal foundation I just mentioned.

    I’ve been applying my foundation and concealer with the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. I prefer applying my foundation with this sponge rather than a brush and to be honest with you I can’t actually remember the last time I used a brush to apply foundation or concealer. I also find they blend much better with a sponge and this is so important for me to know as I’m visually impaired so I can’t see if my foundation has blended in properly but by using the miracle complexion sponge I know I’m quite safe.


    I’ve also been really liking the Kiko long-lasting eyeshadow stick. This is in the shade 07 and it’s a beautiful gold shade which is my favourite shade to wear on my eyes. This is a quick and easy eyeshadow to pop on if you’re in a rush as all you need to do is pop it on your eyes and blend a little and you’re done! It also lasts a long time without creasing.


    A skincare item I’ve been using a lot recently is the Liz Earle skin repair moisturizer for combination/oily skin. I’ve been applying this in the morning before applying my make-up and it makes my skin feel really soft and it’s also a great base for make-up. It’s also a natural product which is a plus.


    For body moisturizer I’ve been loving the Zoella beauty sweet inspirations ‘double creme’ body lotion, first of all it smells delicious but it’s also really moisturizing and I just love it.


    Moving on to television – I’ve been really enjoying Emmerdale recently especially during their #noreturns week which was an incredibly dramatic movie-style week. It was packed full of drama, it was very emotional but the acting was absolutely incredible and I loved it.


    I recently read ‘Me before you’ by Jojo Moyes, I’m probably a little late on the bandwagon with this book but I finally decided to read it (I listened to the audiobook via the RNIB Overdrive app) and I didn’t regret it. I can now safely say that this is one of my all time favourite books. If you haven’t read it yet then be sure to do so, I highly recommend it.


    Now brace yourselves because there is quite a list in this category! First of all I’ve been loving Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate album. I love every song on there but a few of my favourites at the moment are honest, mercy (the acoustic version) and Roses. I can’t wait to hear all the songs live when my best friend and I go watch his tour next year.

    Here’s a list of some of the other songs I’ve been loving recently :

    This Town – Niall Horan

    I See fire – Ed Sheeran

    All we do – Oh Wonder

    Good grief – Bastille

    Side to side – Ariana Grande

    Cold Water – Major Laser ft Justin Bieber

    Just a kiss – Lady Antebellum

    Wicked game – Lauren Aquillina


    YouTube is something I really enjoy watching and I’ve especially been loving the videos of these people I’m about to mention.

    Molly – Beauty Spectrum

    Molly’s videos are absolutely incredible, I especially enjoy watching her vlogs. She ‘vlogged’ everyday over summer and has continued to do weekly vlogs since returning to sixth form and I’ve never missed one of her vlogs as I absolutely love them. She seems like such a lovely person and I love her personality, it makes her videos even better.

    Alice Thorpe – Ohitsonlyalice

    Alice deserves so much more credit and recognition for her videos, it’s evident that she works really hard on them. She also seems like such a lovely person and her videos never fail to make me smile.

    Alice – Beautybyalicee

    Alice is another one who deserves a lot more recognition, I love her videos but I especially enjoy watching her weekly vlogs. She seems like a really down to earth person and I just enjoy learning what she gets up to during her week.

    Hannah – Fabulous Hannah

    I always turn to Hannah’s videos when I need a pick me up, she has a great sense of humour and never fails to make me smile. I love her videos and it’s evident that she puts a lot of effort into creating them. She’s very real in her videos and it just feels like I’m watching a friend when I watch her.

    Victoria – Inthefrow

    Victoria’s fashion videos are my favourite fashion related videos to watch on YouTube, her style is amazing and I’ve learned a lot about fashion by watching her videos. She’s an amazing youtuber.

    I definitely recommend you go check out all the channels of the people I’ve mentioned above, they’re all amazing.

    Well that concludes my post for today everyone, I hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry if it was a bit long. Be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving recently down in the comments as I would love to hear from you.

    I hope you all have an amazing day/evening.

    Thank you so much for reading.

    Elin x



    1. October 23, 2016 / 9:52 pm

      Great post babes! Love how you mentioned Shawn and Lauren 😍 xxx

    2. January 24, 2017 / 9:12 pm

      Great post! I like some of those songs too! I did a similar post, mind taking a look?

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