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  • All things skincare

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

    I hope you’re all doing well.

    Today i have a skincare related post for you all. I will be talking you through some of my favourite products and I will also talk you through the products I use on a daily basis. I have previously written a post about my skincare routine (which you can read here) but some aspects of that routine have changed. I also didn’t want to make both posts similar therefore that is why I will talking you through my favourite products in this post rather than talking through my routine alone.

    Also before we begin i just wanted to point out a change that has been to me blog. Some of you may have already noticed as I have announced this on my twitter. What am i talking about? Well I have in fact changed the name of my blog. What used to be ‘Secrets Of Beauty’ is now ‘My Blurred World’. I much prefer this naem as I believe that it is a far better representation of myself. As I am visually impaired I wanted a name that suited me better and as everything I see is blurred I thought that ‘My Blurred World’ was the perfect option for me. I feel much happier with this name. I hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion!

    Anyway without further ado lets get into the post shall we?



    Before I start talking about all the products I just wanted to share some skincare related tips with you that will make you and you’re skin feel much better. You have probably heard of the things I’m about to share with you but i still wanted to include them in this post as I thought it might be useful to some of you.


    1. Hydrate : Now this is a tip that most beauty gurus include in their skincare related youtube videos/blog posts and I know it can get quite annoying when you hear of this over and over again but it is honestly so important. Drinking water makes a massive difference in the way your skin looks. It helps to make it look brighter and less dull and it also helps breakouts, okay it’s defnintely not a miracle worker but I definitely notice a difference in the way my skin looks and feels when i’ve been drinking enough water.
    2. Massage : Now this sounds like quite an odd thing to include but trust me on this one. I find that massaging my moisturiser into my skin (or even my cleanser for that matter) really helps to make my skin feel softer. Massaging products such as moisturiser into your skin really help to stimulate the blood circulation and makes your skin appear more radiant.
    3. Keep a balanced diet : Eating healthy definitely improves the apperance of your skin. I find that when I eat ‘un-healthy’ food such as chocolate (cake mainly) that my skin doesn’t react well to that and I break out which is something that i am very consious of.
    4. Take showers : i know this might sound like a random tip to include in the post but I honestly think that taking showers really helps to improve the appearance of my skin. i don’t personally have a shower at home as the house i live is is extremely old so we only have a bath (unfortunately) but when I stay at my nan’s house I always take a shower there and my skin always looks and feels more refreshed following this. :
    5. Less is more : I am a firm believer that  ‘less is more’ when it comes to skincare. Now I know that i am about to mention a number of products in this post but I defnitely believe that a simple cleanse, tone, moisurize (and spot treatment if necessary) routine is more beneficial for your skin. Yes ofcourse it is nice to use the occassional scrub and face mask but on a day to day basis a simple three step routine will work just fine and your skin will defnintely thank you for it.

    Those were just some of my tips, feel free to let me know of any tips  of your own because I’d love to hear about them!

    Makeup removers

    IMG_1743(Photo description : A photo including two makeup removers that I will talk more about below).

    I believe that removing your makeup is one of the most important steps of your skincare routine. Some people like to use makeup wipes for this purpose but i don’t personally like that and I feel like using a liquid based product is far better and much more beneficial.

    The two makeup removers i personally love are the Soap&Glory drama clean makeup remover and the Garnier micellar cleansing water.

    The one I use on a daily basis is the Garnier micellar water as it is really gentle which is great for my sensitive skin, but it also removes all traces of makeup that is on my face.

    The Soap&Glory drama clean performs just as well but this product is slightly more fragranced (it smells very fruity) so if you’re not a fan of that kind of thing then I suggest you stay away from this. But I personally love it and it does a great job at removing makeup.




     (Photo description : A photo of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish)

    When it comes to cleansing there is only one star product in my opinion and that is ofcourse the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this product before as I’m pretty sure most beauty bloggers out there have tried this. I defnitely don’t think that the cleanser lives up to all the hype that surronds it but it’s definitely the best cleanser I’ve tried. Now I have tried  many cleansers on the market ranging from drugstore to slightly more expensive options (such as this one) and every cleanser i’ve tried has seemed to break me out and this one doesn’t. Although it hasn’t cleared my skin completely it does a better job than any other cleanser I’ve tried. It feels very moisturizing on my skin and it also has a lovely scent to it that just makes it feel that little more luxurious.




    (Photo description : there are two toners included in this photo, one is the Boots Botanics all bright toner and the other is the Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic).

    Both these toners are very similar, they both include natural ingredients which I’m all for. They both promise to do similar things and i must admit I do love to use both these products. The one i use on a daily basis the Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic as I feel it works better for me but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then the Boots Botanics all bright toner would be the best option in my opinion. They both give that refreshing feeling to the skin and brighten up the complexion which I’m sure everyone would love!




    (Photo description : A photo of the Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser).

    Now I must admit that when it comes to moisturising I am not the best at keeping up with it. I don’t moisturize on a daily basisi but when i do i definitely feel a difference in my skin. The one i’m currently using is the Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser in the combination/oily skin version. This is a very light moisturiser but it makes my skin feel extremely soft after I apply it and it works perfectly for me. As i said at the beginning of this post, I do massage my moisturiser into my skin as i find it delivers a far better resutl.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then I would also recommend the simple moisturisers (I believe there is a light and rich version). The reason I haven’t included a photo of this particular product in this post is because I don’t currently own that moisturiser but I do really like it. I believe i did mention it in my previous skincare related post if you’d like to find out more about it.

    Face Exfoliators


    (Photo description : this is a photo a two face scrubs. Learn more about them below).

    Two of my favourite face scrubs are the Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator and the Origins modern friction face scrub. The Origins scrub is much more refreshing in my opinion as it has a slight citrusy scent  which might work better in the morning if you’re looking for that extra boost to wake your skin up.  Also a thing to note is that the origins exfoliator is slightly more aggresive but if you apply it onto slightly damp skin then it reduces the harshness.

    The Liz Earle exfoliator is also gentle, I apply this onto damp skin also because as I’ve mentioned previously i do have sensitive skin therefore applying the scrub onto damp skin is a far better option for myslef.

    Both scrubs work great at getting rid of all the dead skin cells that lay on the surface of your skin and they make  my skin feel much softer/smoother and make it look much brighter and refreshed.


    Face Masks



    Both face masks I enjoy using are The Body Shop ionic clay mask and the Origins clear improvments active charcoal mask.

    Both work really well at taking all the impurities out of my skin and help to dry out blemishes.

    Although after saying that because both masks bring all impurities to the surface of my skin i do find that that can cause even more breakouts which is something to note. But I do enjoy using both products.




    I am yet to join the long line of people who use eye cream but i occasionally use this product which is the Liz Earle eyebright soothing eye lotion. This is an eye lotion as the name would suggest and you just pop it on a cotton wool pad and press it onto your eyes for a few seconds (or longer if you wish). I find that this is very soothing and it just gives my eyes that little bit of refreshment. I tend to suffer with quite sore eyes that can get very painful sometimes therefore applying this product at the end of the day is very satifying.

    That’s it for today’s post everyone. I hope you all enjoyed it and that it helped some of you in some way. Do let me know of your favourite skincare products as I would love to hear from you and I’m always on the hunt for new products.

    Thank you all so much for reading and do come back again to join mr in My Blurred World. xox



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