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  • Bedside table essentials

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

    Now I realize that I have been somewhat absent from my blog for the last few weeks and for that I apologise. I feel like the best thing is to be honest with you all and the reason for my absence is because I haven’t been feeling 100% recently and also I’ve been quite un-inspired when it comes to thinking of new blog posts to write for you all. So if you have any suggestions of posts you’d like to see from me then please leave them below, thank you.

    Anyway I’m back today with a post consisting of my bedside table essentials. The things on my bedside table are items that I love (there is a mixture of both beauty related items and a few random pieces too ).

    I hope you all enjoy today’s post.  
    The first thing I have on my bedside table is a lamp. I am not quite sure where this is from but it’s a really nice turquoised coloured touch lamp which I love. Due to my visual impairment I do suffer with night blindness therfore it is important to me that I have some kind of light source beside my bed at night just incase I need to go to the bathroom or something.

    The next item I have is my glasses case. Now I decided not to show you a photo of this as it’s not very appealing to one’s eyes at the moment! Iwear glasses daily so I need a case to protect them while I sleep. This is just a blue case with some black polka dots on it. It has seen better days but I still like it.

    Moving on to the beauty products I keep beside my bed… The first thing I have is this eos lip balm in sweet mint. I use this product every single night before bed as I suffer with very chapped lips especially during these cold winter months. As you would imagine this has a really nice mint scent which I personally love. I have done an in-depth review on this lip balm previously so if you are interested in that then you can read it here


    Next up I have a moisturizer. This particualr one is the skin repair moisturizer by Liz Earle. I am not the best at moisurizing my skin therefore keeping this product on my bedside table reminds me to do so. This product has a really nice subtle scent to it and is really good at keeping my skin soft.

    I also keep a notebook beside my bed just incase I need to write something down quickly. The one I’m currently using is this Guide dogs notebook which I really like.

    At night I also keep my phone on my bedside table. I use my lhone for my alarm to wake me up each morning therefore keeping it on my bedside table is completely neccessary for me.

    Last but not least is a hand cream. I tend to switch between two hand creams, the one I am currently using is this one by Zoella Beauty but I also do love the Soap&Glory hand food. Again I suffer with extremely dry hands so it is very important that I moisturize them daily and keeping this hand cream beside my bed is just very convenient.

    Well that’s it for today’s post everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know what your bedside table essentials are in the comment below.

    Another thing I wanted to mention quickly before the end of this post is the fact that I am debating whether or not to change my blog name. I have one in mind that I believe would represent me much better but I thought that it might cause some confusion if I were to change it. So do let me know if you’d mind if I were to change my blog name as your opinions matter to me.

    I hope you’re all well and I hope you’re week is going well.

    Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you all in my next post xox


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