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  • Eos lip balms review

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. 

    I hope you’re all well.   

    Today I have a very quick post for you sharing my thoughts on eos lip balms. I currently own two of the eos sphere lip balms, one is in the scent/flavour ‘sweet mint’ and the other is in ‘strawberry sorbet’. Eos launched in the UK a few months ago and is now available to buy from Topshop, Boots and River Island. The ingredients included in the products are completely natural which I was thrilled to hear as I strongly believe in using natural/organic products as it is a much healthier option than using a chemical filled item. 

    As you may be able to see from the photo above I’ve had much more use out of the ‘sweet mint’ one and it’s looking a bit de-formed compared to the ‘strawberry sorbet’ one! Sweet mint was the first that I bought so I have been using it a lot more than the strawberry sorbet one. 

    I purchased the sweet mint eos from Topshop and i believe it was priced around the £7 mark which is a tad expensive for a lip balm but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. . I apply this to my lips every evening and I must say it is very moisturizing and feels really nice when I apply it. The scent of the mint is also very nice and I must say, I do really like it. 

    Now I have only recently purchased the ‘strawberry sorbet’ one therefore I haven’t had as much use out of it as the other one. But this is also very nice and if you are a fan of strawberry then I think you’d love this! I purchased this one from Boots as they have recently launched the eos brand on their website which I was extremely happy about! This was £6,50 from boots. 

    If i were to compare the two, I would have to say that the Sweet mint is my favourite but that’s just because of the fact that i prefer the scent and the flavour. But It totally depends on what kind of flavour you prefer really. I would definitely recommend these lip balms as they are extremely moisturizing and the ingredients are completely natural which is another plus for me. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of the scents/flavours in the future. 

    I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I apologise if it wasn’t the most detailed review but I hope it was helpful in some way. Let me know if you have tried any of the eos products and if you like them or not, I would love to hear your opinions. 

    Thankyou all so much for reading. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 


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