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  • Top 5 summer nail polishes

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

    Today I thought i’d share with you my top 5 summer nail polishes. This might be a little late but i thought you might like it! I love nail polish and i have a few firm favourites but these are the ones i’m loving this summer. I hope you enjoy!

    My first favourite is the Barry M nail polish in ‘I’ve been pinkin’. This is a colour from the sunset collection that has recently been released. It’s a stunning hot pink shade and i definitely think it would really compliment a tan, but it also looks pretty on pale skin like mine. This lasted on my nails for about 3 or 4 days before chipping so not the best lasting power but the colour is so pretty that i can get over that!

      My next favourite is another Barry M polish but this is from the gelly hi-shine range. This is in the shade ‘greenberry’. It’s actually one of the first nail polishes i ever purchased and i still love it! It’s a lovely turquoise/green colour which i adore! Please excuse the fact that the polish is chipped in this photo! I would say that this lasts about 5 days on my nails before chipping. 
      Yes i know, it’s another Barry M nail polish! I just love the brand so much and that’s why i’m featuring so many of their colours, and it’s also very cheap so it’s perfect! This colour is from the new ‘quick dry speedy’ collection and it’s in the shade ‘pit stop’. This is perfect if you want to go for a more of a nude look. It’s a lovely cream/beige colour and i really do like it. This lasted on my naisl for a total of 4 days, this might be different to everyone depending on your choice of base and top coat. 

     Moving on from Barry M i have the collection ‘hot nails’ polish in the shade ‘candy floss’. I absolutely adore this shade! It’s a stunning baby pink shade which i love! And it’s only £1.99!! This had a lasting power of about 4 or 5 days so similar to the Barry M nail polishes. I love this so much!

      And my last favourite and possibly my ultimate favourite is the essie nail polish in ‘Mint Candy apple’. I think everyone and their mum talks about this right? It’s such an iconic shade and i definitely agree whith all the hype that surrounds it! As the name would suggest it’s just the perfect mint colour! I know it’s a bit expensive at £7.99 but i definitely would recommend it. And the best thing is that it lasts on my nails for over a week! I seriously can’t recommend this enough!

    I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know what your favourite summer nail polishes are in the comments!

    I’ll talk to you all in my next post. 



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