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  • My thoughts as a visually impaired person

    Hello everyone and welcome back to My Blurred World.

    I hope you’re all doing really well.

    Today I want to share a post about my thoughts as a visually impaired person. It’s always interesting to know what people are thinking therefore I thought I’d share with you some of the things I think of often regarding my sight as a visually impaired person.

    I’m not speaking for every VI person when writing this post, these are simply some of thoughts that go around in my mind sometimes, my thoughts might be completely different to a fellow VI person’t thoughts. I just thought I’d put that out there.

    I hope you enjoy today’s post and let’s get started.

    Will I ever have 20/20 vision?

    I don’t like to think about these kinds of things as I always try to remain positive but this question is always in the back of my mind and I can’t help but think of it. I have a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and this condition causes my vision to deteriorate often. There is continuous research going on to look for cures to this eye disease which is amazing and it makes me feel very grateful to know that people are giving up their time to look for a cure to a condition that affects myself along with thousands of other people all across the world. But no one knows how long that research will take, it’s been going on for a very long time now and there have been many breakthroughs in the last few years but it’s not yet known how many more years it will take to find a solution that they know will help cure people’s sight. I don’t know if I’ll be visually impaired forever or if they’ll find a cure and someday I might have 20/20 vision.

    Will I ever go completely blind?

    This is one of my biggest fears, as I mentioned previously my vision is deteriorating and I have recently suffered a major deterioration in my right eye and I can hardly see anything out of it, it’s completely blurred. RP is known for being a deteriorating condition and many people have lost their sight completely because of the disease, it scares me that this might happen to me someday, but I don’t know if it will happen or when and this just makes everything even more daunting. This is why I’m always scared when my vision deteriorates even more because it makes me afraid that I might be a step closer to losing my vision completely.

    Will people’s perceptions ever change?

    There are so many people out there who assume that visually impaired people can’t complete certain tasks, that we all have to look a certain way, that we can’t do things for ourselves and although there are many people out there who are trying to change people’s perceptions and tackle the stigma surrounding sight loss I often wonder if people’s perceptions will ever truly change.

    Will people ever understand?

    I know it’s hard to know what others are going through and no one could step into a disabled person’s shoes and know how they’re feeling and what they’re going through but I often think if people will ever understand or if they will ever try to understand. There are many people in my life who are so supportive and who are so understanding but there are others who haven’t got a clue and who don’t seem to make the effort to understand. Members of the public often look odd at me when I’m out using my cane and many don’t move out-of-the-way when I’m trying to pass them. Some people just don’t understand and I don’t think they ever will.

    I wonder what the world really looks like

    I know this isn’t something I should be thinking but sometimes I can’t help it, I often wonder what the world looks like, what it looks like without the blurred canvas ¬†over it, if my eyes are playing tricks on me and I see something in a completely different way to what a sighted person might see it as. It’s just a wild thought I guess.

    Well that concludes today’s post everyone, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you are a fellow visually impaired person then do let me know what some of your thoughts are in the comments below, I would love to hear from you. If you would like me to do a part 2 of this post then let me know because I would be more than happy to write that for you.

    Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Be sure to join me next time in My Blurred World.

    Elin x



    1. September 18, 2016 / 7:48 pm

      I love finding out about your condition. It makes me appreciate and understand more about it as I’ve never experienced it xx

      • September 18, 2016 / 8:32 pm

        It makes me happy that my posts help you gain a better understanding of it. Thank you for reading lovely xx

    2. September 18, 2016 / 8:20 pm

      Such a relatable post girl, I have exactly the same thoughts as you xxx

    3. eikojonwa
      September 25, 2016 / 1:40 pm

      I used to think my astigmatism was bad and I’d moan about it at the slightest opportunity. But this just made me thankful. And ashamed too. Because lots of other people have it worse! Thank you!

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