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  • How visually impaired people read and write

    Hey! Welcome back!

    Today’s post is all about how visually impaired people read and write.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve recieved many questions about how I write my blog and how i write Instagram posts, so I thought i would share that with you today.

    Just to clarify, not every visually impaired person use these methods. These are ways that I read and write and it might be totally different to how someone else does it.

    So lets begin!


    When I was in primary school I learned how to touch type. Now you might be thinking ‘what on earth is that?’ Or you might know what touch typing means.

    Basically touch typing is when you learn where all the keys are on the keyboard and you place your hands on certain keys (the keys that you place your fingers on are shown in the image above). I am now familiar with all the keys on the keyboard and can type quickly. This is how i type now and this is the most convenient way of writing for myself. I can now type without looking at the keyboard (i wouldn’t be able to see it anyway though!).


    Another method of reading/writing that some people use is braille. When my vision went really bad last year i did all my exams through braille well the exam papers were in braille but i typed the answers on my laptop as i’m so comfortable with touvh typing). If you’re not familiar with braille then it is basically a code system and every letter in the alaphet are formed with six dots. It’s a system of raised dots that visually impaired people can read with their fingers. (If you would like i might do a post seperately on braille and go more indepth of what it is). There are many ways that you can write braille, the most popular way is with a traditional perkins brailler. (First photo below) another way is a braille notetaker (second photo below). This is a more modern option. It has the same layout as the perkins but there is no paper required and it is more like a laptop just without the screen! And the third option is a braille reader. (Third photo below). You connect this to a computer/laptop and as you type on the laptop the writing comes up in braille format on the reader. Incredible right??

    The photos above are not my own. They are all from Google images.


    The last method I’m going to talk about today is ACCESSIBILITY ON APPLE DEVICES. There are many softwares out there that you can install on your computer which will act as your eyes and read out what is displayed on screen. But to be honest I am not to keen on these screen Readers and I much prefer using VOICEOVER on my Apple devices. I use an ipad and an iphone as they are very accessible for visually impaired people and that is the reason why I own both devices.  The feature that I use most is the ‘ZOOM’ feature. This allows me to zoom in on the screen and it helps me see clearer what is displayed on my ipad/iphone. But if I’m having a ‘bad eye day’ as I like to call it I will use VOICEOVER. Voiceover is basically a screen reader (built into your apple device) that reads out what is on screen when you click on a certain area. It is avalable in many different languages so it’s suitable for everyone.

    So that is the end of today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you learn more about how visually impaired people (me read and write.

    Thankyou for reading!

    Bye everyone!


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    1. Kate
      June 2, 2015 / 8:49 pm

      This was a great post! I only know about the braille keyboard, however i have learnt to touchtype too but only from spending hours on the computer. Braille would confuse me so much! Only 6 dots for 26 letters on the alphabet!!! Anyway lovely post and blog x

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